Demand Exxon Honour Their Oil Spill Commitment in Guayana

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Poor people suffering tremendously from impact of Covid-19

By Red Thread Dear Editor, The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people all over the world, some more than others, but we want to focus on what is happening to us in Guyana. We are concerned about  a number of issues affecting poor people in our daily lives in  Guyana and we need answers and clarification…

Moving Forward forum hears calls for racism to be addressed

By Stabroek News Staff Stating that racism needs to be addressed in order for the country to move forward, participants of a virtual speak-out hosted on Friday by Red Thread called for justice for Joel and Isaiah Henry and Haresh Singh, the three teenagers who are believed to have been killed on the basis of their…

Red Thread Speak Out

By Red Thread DEAR EDITOR, Red Thread extends condolences to the families and loved ones of Josh Henry, Isaiah Henry, Haresh Singh, Prettipaul Hargobin, and joins those calling for an end to violence in our beloved Guyana. We are organising a virtual speak out, Moving Forward Better, to bring Guyanese together to reflect on what…


Red Thread’s goal is to organize with women, beginning with grassroots women, to cross divides and transform our conditions. We provide services to women and children exploited in unequal power relations and simultaneously work to change those relations.


Red Thread’s advocacy focuses on three issues





Advocating for women’s income in unwaged or low-waged work

Combating violence through activism and crisis intervention

Procuring and providing workshops, resources and tools

Building regional and transnational solidarity for greater equality

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“Red Thread has always been a place where women can access social networks, practical help, and analytical skills, providing the opportunity for reflection, analysis, and assessment of what has been taken for granted…It has always had intersectionality at its heart and it is still the only women’s organization in the country that sets itself the goal of working with women across racialized, classed, and geographical divides.”

Linda Peake & Karen de Souza in “Feminist Academic and Activist Praxis in Service of the Transnational” (2010, p. 108)


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