Purpose & Principles


Red Thread’s goal is to organize with women, beginning with grassroots women, to cross divides and transform our conditions. We provide services to women and children exploited in unequal power relations and simultaneously work to change those relations.


1. To work for women’s unwaged and low-waged caring work to be re-valued and properly remunerated and for equal pay for work of equal value.

2. To work against all forms of violence, especially against women and children, beginning with domestic violence and violence during racial and/or political conflict, and to support victims of such violence.

3. To build solidarity among women across divides and to oppose all forms of discrimination including discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, class, dis/ability, age, sexual identity, and HIV status.

4. Wherever possible, to provide individual women and groups of women with the information, skills, and other support they need to fight against economic, social, and political injustices.

5. To develop, evaluate, and share the lessons of small projects addressing key issues including grassroots women’s income generation, women’s health, and children’s literacy.